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Starbreak Northcliff

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Rika Hudson

011 366 2425

072 575 4174

Po Box 454

Franchise Introduction

Starbreak Northcliff is owned by Rika Hudson. The business has been operational since March 2012 and in this time it has grown into being the experts on windscreen repairs in the Northcliff area. Team members are carefully selected. Once selected each person attends a rigorous training program and then signs up for a program of being continually assessed on the suitability of work delivered. We believe feedback is crucial to the success of the company. Each team member signs up to the code of honour designed specifically for the business. Included in this code, is the right for each team member to ‘call out’ a colleague breaching the standards agreed to. This leads to the team being highly successful in delivering quality service unrivalled in its field. We take pride in working with high calibre motor dealerships and companies that value customer service as much as we do. Each customer is treated with utmost respect and challenges are resolved speedily and with professionalism.

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Rika Hudson
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Starbreak Northcliff Girls Team

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Starbreak Northcliff Boys Team
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